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Withdrawal of Accreditation

Withdrawal of accreditation differs significantly from denial of accreditation; denial applies to programs seeking accreditation, while withdrawal applies to programs having ACBSP accreditation. Withdrawal of accreditation typically occurs following a period of probation. Accreditation may be withdrawn by the ACBSP Board of Commissioners through two types of actions: (1) suspension of accreditation, and (2) revocation of accreditation

The ACBSP will notify programs facing withdrawal of accreditation by certified mail. The program will have a time period in which to initiate an appeal of accreditation withdrawal. The program’s accreditation status is protected pending final disposition of the appeal process.

Suspension of Accreditation

Suspension of accreditation occurs when, in the judgment of the Board of Commissioners, a program no longer substantially complies with the ACBSP’s accreditation principles and/or policies and procedures. A judgment of suspension will specify the time, conditions, and terms by which a program may regain accreditation through correction of the conditions that led to the suspension.

Listed below are some, but not all, reasons for suspension:

1.When any component of an accredited business program is thoroughly examined and found not to be in compliance with current ACBSP accreditation principles and/or policies and procedures.

2.When any substantial or significant change in the operation, structure, governance, ownership, control, location, facilities, or business programs of the institution is made without notification to the ACBSP.

3.When the program fails to respond adequately to inquiries or requests for information, or fails to cooperate in completing arrangements for a scheduled evaluation.

4.When the program has substantially disregarded directives of the ACBSP.

5.When the program has failed to pay its annual membership dues or accreditation fees in a timely manner as established by the ACBSP Board of Directors.

Revocation of Accreditation

Revocation of accreditation most often follows suspension by the ACBSP, and thereafter, the failure of the program to correct deficiencies noted by the ACBSP. A judgment of revocation by the ACBSP requires that the program begin anew the process of accreditation in order to regain it.

Voluntary Withdrawal

There may be reasons for an ACBSP accredited program to withdraw from the ACBSP membership and thereby forfeit its accreditation. The ACBSP requires that the chief executive officer of the institution place this action in writing and forward it to the ACBSP headquarters. The institution is then required to make a public statement of its withdrawal, and to strike any reference to the ACBSP accreditation from its catalog and other public documents. Voluntary withdrawal does not entitle the institution to a refund of membership dues.

Change of Institution's Name or Location

The ACBSP should be notified immediately if an institution is contemplating changing its name and/or physical location.

Change of Ownership

The transfer of ownership or a major change in the controlling mechanism of an institution is considered to be a substantive change. The ACBSP will handle changes of this nature as follows:

1.Automatic Discontinuation: Any change in ownership or control of an institution automatically results in immediate discontinuation of accreditation by the ACBSP. Reinstatement of accreditation may be regained only upon application to and reconsideration by the ACBSP. Because this discontinuation decision occurs without action or prior approval by the ACBSP, this change of status does not constitute withdrawal of accreditation and is not a negative action.

2.Reinstatement: When automatic discontinuation occurs the accreditation may be reinstated at the discretion of the ACBSP at such time and according to terms and conditions that it has established or may establish. The burden of application for reinstatement is entirely upon the institution. The president of the ACBSP, in consultation with the Board of Commissioners, has the authority to grant a temporary reinstatement of accreditation for a period of time sufficient to allow for the review of all appropriate documentation. The temporary reinstatement period is not to exceed twelve months. The Board of Commissioners will consider and approve the reinstatement.

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