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Requirements for institutions accreditation

To become an institutional member of the ACBSP must submit an application for membership and pay its annual dues to the ACBSP.

There are following items necessary to apply for institutional membership in the ACBSP.

1.Complete the attached application form and send it to the ACBSP headquarters.

2.The mission statement of the academic business unit.

3.Organizational charts for the academic business unit and the institution.

4.Enclose a copy of the most recent catalog for undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the institution. If the catalog is online, this should be stated and the
Internet address (URL) should be provided and an electronic version.

5.Enclose a check for your annual membership dues. Dues are prorated depending on the month in which you apply for membership (see below). If you want to be invoiced for the dues, note this when sending the above information to the ACBSP.

Annual Membership Dues

Educational Member 

2,550 USD

Not-for-Profit, Professional Association, Government Organization

1,000 USD

Partner - Corporate

2,500 USD

Executive Partner - Corporation 

5,000 USD

Sustaining Member

10,000 USD

Once these materials have been received and reviewed by the ACBSP headquarters, you will be notified of acceptance as an institutional member of the ACBSP.

Corporate/Individual Members

Corporate members are partners in providing products and services to ACBSP members and to businesses seeking to connect with business schools.  Corporate membership is available to business organizations, foundations, professional associations, government entities, and nonprofit organizations.

Application Procedues

There is no formal application, only the completion of a member enrollment form submitted with the appropriate dues amount.  An invoice can be sent upon request.  Submit payment and a completed form to:E-mail


ACBSP Member Application Form

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